Dear Me

As I’m laying in bed listening to good music, I began to let my mind drift. Something incredibly random that popped into my head was, If I were to ever get a letter from my future self…I wonder what it would say. I guess the right question would be what would I want it to say? Here it is

Dear Me, 

Stop. Just Stop….because you found it. Everything that you’ve spent so much time worrying about …just let it go because in the end you found exactly what made you happy. So do not waste another minute of life worrying about things that haven’t happened or things you can’t change. Because in the end you make it. I remember this night. I remember picking up an oreo blizzard on the way home, so content with my saturday night, and then I just started writing…writing this exact letter that you’re writing right now. Now it’s our 90th birthday and we are still going strong. I’ve lived a long time, experienced so much, and have seen what many chapters of our life. So trust me when I say that you’re on the exact path you’re suppose to be on. Now, if you went to a fortune teller they’d probably leave you with so many unanswered questions and gip you 40 dollars. But I’m you. I know exactly how your mind works, I know that you are incredibly detail oriented, and I know you won’t put down the puzzle until every piece is in it’s place. Until you see the big picture…so here it is. Here is what you have to look forward to. Congratulations! you graduate college, and in case you’re wondering yes you chose dental school. You love your work. Everyday is an adventure at the office. Your mom and family are well taken care of. You did exactly what you were hoping to do. you’ve been to so many places in the world, and you’ve met the most wonderful people along the way. There are so many genuine people that love you so much. There’s so much to tell you, but I’ll give you the highlights. The Red Sox do win the world series again…plenty of times actually. You  learn how to snowboard…and surf….and how to fly fish! You actually crossed off a lot of your bucket list….well besides having your own Shamu…it was still a little out of your budget. You did let the kids have a pet squirrel though….yes that’s right. You found an amazing partner and started a life together. From the very first meet you all connected. He’s as energetic and goofy as you, adventurous, and incredibly caring. He’s so honest, he’s trustworthy, he’s reliable, and everything he does he does it with love. He’s kind…genuine…and honest. you both are still going strong and love each other very much. He’s actually right next to me snoring up a storm…well that’s that! Goes to show it’s possible and it’s going to happen for you. You both have two beautiful blonde, blue eyed kiddos. They grow up to be such gifts to the world and you couldn’t be more proud of them. You raised them with love, and taught them goodness, and helped them find the beauty in the world. Every sunday we wake up and make breakfast together….have yet to miss one. It’s kind of hard to wrap decades into one letter….if I tried to write it all my arthritis would start acting up! but know this….you turn out okay…your life is exactly what you prayed for… if not better…So have faith, believe, and trust that God has it all taken care of. Know this…what you have you wouldn’t trade it for the world! keep doing exactly what you’re doing. Always fight for what you believe in…you be kind, you be honest, and you be genuine to others. You choose love. You don’t give up. You find the best in others, and you keep the light burning in yourself. You treat everyday as a gift, take as many pictures as you can! Well that’s all for today, I should get some sleep. Tomorrow is our big birthday celebration…and well you know us…we throw quite the shindig! With that said..I need my beauty sleep. Now get to bed you goober! You have work in the morning. Sweet dreams. 

                                                                                        All my love,